“Dear SRS,

I am so pleased with the SRS Solar Fan!

This is the third one that I have purchased for my home in the Hollywood Hills . It keeps the house so cool and lowers the temperature significantly. They also are very quiet and the design is very modern. I highly recommend this product for everyone that wants to keep the house cooler and to help lower the cooling costs . It keeps the house at least 10 degrees cooler . It was such a great investment.

Thanks so much!”

Randy D.Hollywood Hills

“Hi Bill,

Just wanted to give you a quick update. I received the 3 solar fans a couple of days ago and installed them myself. First of all, they are obviously state-of-the-art and extremely well made. I'm also impressed at how much air the pull out of the house even with minimal daylight---cloud cover, early/late in the day---as long as it's daylight they work! The house is now staying very comfortable even on the hottest days here in Hawaii.

Great product---thank you!



“Senator Richard Lugar Indiana"I am excited about Bill Keith's achievements as an Indiana business leader who shares a vision of the many possibilities that renewable fuel resources offer our country. I especially admire Bill's innovation in the solar energy market and the public awareness he brings to energy conservation through his solar-powered attic fans," Lugar said.

Bill Keith exemplifies the innovation and leadership essential to move our country in a new direction in providing and utilizing energy for the future.”

Richard G. LugarFormer US Senator for Indiana (R)

“As Metro-Atlanta's largest roofing contractor, we pride ourselves in offering the highest quality products and service to our customers. After seeing the SunRise Solar Attic Fan in a product spotlight through Building Products magazine (I think it was 2004), we contacted them to inquiry about carrying the product in our area.Since that time we have sold hundreds of SunRise Fans! The new SunRise 1050 is a wonderful addition to the SunRise family. It is an easy sell, and it offers our customers a choice, unlike other solar fan companies who only make one model.

I am very pleased with the performance of this fan. My sales staff ENJOY showing it to homeowners, the benefits are endless! And, it operates without need for electricity, so we have NO worries once we install it.

Thanks for making a quality product SunRise ..we are proud to offer it to our customers.”

David FriedlanderPresident of Dr. Roof

“We choose not to sell the cheap solar fan models because of poor reliability, performance and sub-standard quality of materials. The SunRise design has been proven over 15 years in the Hawaii market as the most non-corrosive on the planet. All of the components, and engineering, are top notch. And most of all, the manufacturer stands behind his product 100%. Why not have the best engineered, proven product available on the market today.

SunRise solar fans are serviceable! This is a feature that most of the other major solar fan manufacturers are lacking. This is all coming from someone that has 15 years experience working with solar fans. I’ve sold more than 30,000 fans over 15 years and SunRise is hands down my product of choice for the reasons listed above.

2138 Kanealii Ave, Unit E, Honolulu, HI 96813
Tel: 808-589-1574; Fax: 808-589-0003”

John OgrodnyAll Solar - Hawaii

“In 2002 we installed several SunRise Solar Attic Fans to cool the common areas of our townhouse buildings....it has been 8 years now and they are still running great!”

WayneWindermere Arms Townhomes, Crown Point, IN

“I personally own one of SunRise Solar's attic fans. The SunRise attic fan has already saved our family money.”

Peter SheehanExecutive Director of NABCEP

“We purchased your product at the Southwest Sustainability Energy Fair in Flagstaff, AZ, and had our roofing company install it .... You may want to see if the State Registrar of Contractors can help you disseminate your product brochure, or ask for a mailing list of roofers .... I don't know what the temperature has been in the garage, but I can already notice a cooler temperature in the garage .... Also, you may want to contact the Environmental Information Association (www.eia-usa.org) and attend their annual conference .... Thank you for this great product.”

Lynn Ott & Dan Saizler

“We have always had trouble with the ventilation in our home. Our attic temp averages 95+ degrees. Four months ago we installed SunRise solar powered roof fans, and the average temp is now only 75 degrees! There is no noise, no vibration, and no fee for electricity!”

Larry McAfee DVMCayman Island Veterinary Clinic

“Installing your roof vent was the best thing I could have done for my home in Phoenix. I monitored my summer attic temperatures for one month before installing your solar vent, and for one month after. The average temperature in August and September was 25-30 degrees cooler after the installation! I saw an immediate drop in my electric/cooling utility bills. When I sold my house, the appraiser and the home inspectors both upgraded the value of my home and cited as one feature: the SunRise Solar roof vent system .... Thank you for producing such a good-looking, durable, quality product.”

Jeff OfstedahlHuachuca City, AZ

“I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how pleased I am with the solar fan you installed on my roof last month. My upstairs had always been really warm on hot summer days and evenings until the fan was installed making it hard work on my air conditioner .... Also, I appreciate the professional installation that almost entirely conceals the fact that a fan is in place. I look forward to many years of silent faithful service from the SunRise Solar fan and wish you and your company well...”

Michael D. MatzColonel, USAR (Ret.), Crown Point, IN

“Few would have predicted the meteoric rise of Sunrise Solar Inc., a Midwest manufacturer of solar-powered attic fans, when company president Bill Keith launched the business in 2003 from his garage in St. John, Indiana. Keith, however, was so confident of the company's eventual success that he mortgaged his own home to finance the start-up business.

"We were a small company trying to get a start with no help whatsoever," said Keith, a former roofer. Despite the company's modest beginnings, Sunrise Solar's profits have risen from $40,000 in 2003 to a projected $4 million in 2009. At a time when most businesses across the country are struggling due to the recession, Sunrise Solar has seen its profits skyrocket, with no drop-off in sight.”

BlueGreen Alliance: SunRise Solar Inc.: Powered By Passion

“After installing the SunRise Solar Fan I checked my energy usage with Redding Electric Utility. I saved $94.53 cents over the June, July and August period on my utility bill, and the $100 rebate from REU was a nice bonus too.”

BrandonRedding, California

“The two SunRise fans were installed during a heat wave.
It took a few days for our attic to cool. We are now benefiting
with a more comfortable home and the A/C is running less!”

Dan Liechty - Hobart, IndianaA/C runs less!

“We prefer to not use our air conditioning except in the hottest weather.
Our fan was installed in August and we left the next day for a 10 day trip.
The weather was sweltering when we returned and we knew we would have to use the A/C.
Much to our delight the SunRise fan had kept the house ventilated, we are delighted.”

George and Marianne Culver Gary - Miller Beach, IndianaNecessary for reducing workload on the A/C unit

“Our house was built in 1835 and moved to its current location in 1910.
Subsequent additions created upstairs bedrooms that are difficult to cool.
Since the installation of the SunRise Solar Fan the bedrooms are comfortable and easier to Cool.”

Leo Frey - Valparaiso, IndianaCools the attic above our upstairs bedrooms

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