FAQ’s About Solar Attic Fans

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No other solar powered attic fans have attained as much national attention and recognition as SunRise Solar’s. No other solar powered attic fans are sold in more parts of the world than SunRise Solar.

How does a SunRise Solar Attic Fan save money on utilities?
SunRise Solar attic fans are unique, solar-powered vent fans that pull the heat right out of your attic. It’s so effective it can lower attic temperatures by as much as 50°! This means less heat dissipating back into your living area, less drain on your air conditioning system, and less cost to you. In fact, up to 30% less money spent on air conditioning costs alone! more…

Are there any tax credits/rebates available?
YES. The SunRise Solar attic fans qualify for a 30% federsrsfaqsal tax credit. In addition, some states offer additional rebates, and more are working on similar legislation.

Is any wiring required to install your solar attic vents?
NO. The SunRise Solar attic fans ship completely assembled and tested, ready for installation.

Why isn’t the SunRise Solar fan Energy Star rated?
Since the SunRise Solar fans use NO electricity, they cannot be rated.

Is it a problem if I already have a ridge vent on my home?
NO. A ridge vent will not interfere with the operation of your solar powered attic fan. Keep in mind the placement of the fan when used in conjunction with a ridge vent. The SunRise Solar attic fan will probably need to be located slightly lower than normal. Feel free to contact us for assistance.

What side of the roof should the unit be installed?
South first, and West second, are preferred, but not mandatory. SunRise solar attic fans have solar panels that are very responsive to ambient sunlight. Unlike others on the market, our solar powered attic fans do not have to be oriented with a compass, or tilted toward the sun. If the roof location doesn’t have all-day sun exposure, SunRise Solar offers a Remote Panel Unit which has a remote solar panel that can be mounted anywhere you can find sun on the roof! On a north-facing roof slope, the remote panel can be placed over the ridge on the south side, allowing the solar panel to catch the most direct sun.

I’ve seen other solar fans with adjustable panels. Does SunRise Solar offer that?
Since the sun moves throughout the day, you would need to keep re-adjusting. The advanced design of our solar powered attic fans eliminate the need for this.  A strategically mounted panel is not only the best way to capture the sun’s powerful rays from dawn to dusk but also prevents high winds from blowing off the solar panel from the models with tilted panels. The entire unit sits approximately 7 inches off the roof.

Will your solar attic fans stand up to bad weather conditions?
Totally weatherproof, our panels are designed for optimum efficiency and are hail and extreme weather resistant. Our largest customers are located in known storm areas such as Florida, Hawaii, California, Texas and the French West Indies. SunRise Solar attic fans are made out of UV stabilized ABS plastic – the same material used on car bumpers, kayaks, motorcycle helmets, playground equipment and much more. It’s completely noncorrosive, heat and flame resistant and can withstand environmental abuse that metals cannot.

Is there a thermostat?
Yes, there is a thermostat available as an option. Unlike an electric fan, which depends on the thermostat to tell it when to come on, our solar powered attic fans use the thermostat to tell it not to come on when the attic is already cool. It is pre-set to allow the fan to come on at 80 degrees and to turn off at 65 degrees, which is particularly desirable in cool, dry climates. You can order a SunRise Solar attic fan with an installed thermostat, or buy one later and easily connect. We usually recommend thermostats for dry climate areas.

How do I figure out which model to order? How do I know if I need a flat-mount or a curb-mount?
You can search by roof type and by which way the back of your roof faces. Then you can select by square feet. For example, the SunRise 850 is recommended for attics with up to 1200 square feet. You can always contact us via email for unique situations.

Should my SunRise Solar Fan run during fall and winter?
In the wintertime, SunRise Solar attic fans help equalize the temperature between the attic inside and the outside air. Even with lower temperatures, moist air from within the home will be vented rather than trapped. This dramatically reduces the risk of ice dams forming at the eaves — a feature that could save you thousands.  Dry climate regions are an exception.

What kind of batteries does the fan use?
There are no batteries on SunRise Solar attic fans.  The unit uses no electricity or batteries. Our solar attic fan unit will operate solely by contact with sunlight.

So it doesn’t work at night?
As the sun is beating down on your roof the SunRise Solar attic fan is at work keeping the attic at a comfortable temperature. As the sun sets, giving off less heat, the fan also slows down. Since your your attic has been kept cool during the day, there is no need for the fan to operate at night. This feature helps extend the life of the motor.

Is the SunRise solar attic fan quiet?
The SunRise Solar attic fan is whisper quiet and would likely not be audible from within the house or in the yard.

Can I transform an electric vent to a solar-powered vent?

Can I install a SunRise Solar attic fan myself or do I need to hire someone?
Our solar powered attic fans are very easy to install (although many people choose to hire someone to install it for them).  Anyone handy with tools should feel comfortable doing an installation.